October 15, 2005


Knitting like a fiend, I've been. I have lots of shizz-knit going on. I've got my knit on. I'm in stitches. My needles are on fire.

On needles right now, I have:

  • One Harry Potter scarf, which I was taking a picture of when the batteries in the camera ran out (completely without warning)
  • One blue sock, which can also not be photographed right now because of the stupid batteries (they're recharging, and only two were in the charger)
  • One Branching Out scarf. I can't show you a picture of it (I was so ready to take shots of everything I'm working on; can you tell?), but follow the link to the pattern page and check out the way some idiot tied it around a vase.
Stuff I just finished (bulleted list of one, sorry if that annoys you):
  • Clapotis! This is it, drying in the shower. I'll spot-block it if necessary once it's dry.

The way it's hanging, you can see the diagonal columns going both ways. It's not like that; I only knit it on one bias. I'll post another picture of the finished product once it's all done. I'm so excited to have completed it! Also, the picture is clickable for a little bit bigger image.

Things I'll knit soon (Christmas gifts):
  • Depending on how quickly the Branching Out scarf knits up, I'll be making several of them. Otherwise, I'll find a faster lace pattern.
  • Another Clapotis, since they're fun to knit
  • Socks. Duh.
  • Maybe some of these hats (knitty.com is just full of good ideas)
All of this will be made possible by my new favoritest website, KnitPicks. Somehow, the fine, upstanding citizens of Knitpicks have managed to find a way to have real wool and natural fiber yarns (like cotton and silk) and offer them at acrylic yarn prices. I *heart* them with the passion of a teenage girl. I will dot their i's with hearts. They rock the free [knitting] world.

Syd's been coming downstairs more often, usually around 630 or 7pm. Last week he'd come down, hang around by the patio door, and expect lots of petting and veggie snacks. This week it's more of the same, with the only difference being that he found a corner he likes to use as a restroom. I set up a litterbox, but not in time. Plus, he enjoys pooping next to the litterbox, which is Not Acceptable (although rabbit poops are much easier to clean than rabbit pee and/or anything that comes out of a cat), and I'm trying to find a bunny phrasebook that will tell me how to effectively communicate this.

Last weekend, I finally donated the little yellow car to Goodwill. They'll sell it at auction, and if they get back $500 or more, I can write off whatever they sell it for. If it sells for less than $500.00, I can write off $499.00 on my taxes next year. Win-win is always good for me.

It's getting late; I'll be heading back to my knitting now.