October 18, 2005

Making a cat bed

I found some wool (wool-wool) from an ebay auction I won a couple of years ago. I thought I'd make a kitty pi bed and felt it, since I haven't tried felting yet (on purpose).

How did Mister know it's a cat bed? And why does he have to be so impatient? I tried telling him that it'll be way cooler after it's finished, but nooooo. Must. Nap. Now.

This is knitting up rather quickly, and depending on how it felts and such, I might be making kitty beds as Christmas presents instead of Branching Out scarves, since lace and I are Not Best Pals 4-evah.

Plus, since felting is supposed to be so forgiving, what with everything attaining some Zen kind of one-with-everything state, I used this opportunity to try my hand at using two colors in one row. For some reason, I've been too chicken to do this until now. It's not such a big deal, after all.