October 21, 2005


I recharged the batteries for the camera and finally got around to picturizing all the stuff I'm working on/have finished...minus two things: the blue sock, because I had to take the needles it was on for something else, and my second Clapotis, because I haven't even started it yet. Unfortunately, there is no light today - it's cold and rainy, so the pictures are kind of not-great. All the pictures are clickable for a slightly larger image/better view, if you're into that kind of thing.

First up, Clapotis:

This is my "allergies may be kicking my ass, but I finished the clapotis" pose.

This one is slightly better, and shows off the drop-stitch pattern a little. The whole scarf is as long as my full-size bed and about twice as wide as a regular scarf, if that helps any.

A better view of the dropped stitches and the yarn colorway.

And here, we have the Harry Potter scarf, on which I'm making excellent progress even though it was recently discovered that it should probably not be knit in the round, but back and forth in 1x1 ribbing. Meh, I figure the hassle of moving the yarn from front to back on every stitch takes up probably just as much time as knitting one round. I just hope it doesn't turn out too bulky. Oh, and about the yucky lighting? Sorry.

This here's the kitty bed, which I intentionally made larger because I have this brain cloud when it comes to following patterns. I saw so many of the pictures of other Kitty Pi beds, and I thought, "My cats don't sleep in loaf form; they stretch. I will produce a larger bed!"

So I added another increase round when I should have been finishing the damn thing, and then I bound off when there was hardly enough of a lip to roll over. The end product is more of a round cat mat. I will follow the pattern for the next one, I promise.

This is the project I stole the needles from the blue sock for. This is some cotton/wool/nylon blend yarn I got from KnitPicks (Dancing in colorway "Two-Step"). Observe my first attempt at a toe-up sock! It's working! I feel like Dr. Frankenstein when the monster came to life. Seriously.

Ignore the yarn mustache. That's just a piece of scrap yarn woven into a stitch to remind me which side is which. I was using a stitch marker, but these are size 1 (US) needles and the stitch marker was actually too bulky. This is like rocket surgery.

This here's a detail of the Branching Out scarf. I am not Best Pals with this pattern. The way I knit lace, I'm happy if I fudge a couple of rows as long as I'm not out of stitches by the end of the row. Apparently, with lace, it's really important to follow the pattern. With this scarf, blocking will be everything, but there will still be some leaves that look stepped-on.

It took me until just now to realize that I can cut and paste all these uploaded pictures instead of dragging them down through all my text. It's going to be so embarrassing when they give me that Nobel Prize.

So maybe you're staring at this picture and wondering..."Is that a tasselled cock sock?"

Come on, you totally are.

Remember what I said about not being able to follow a pattern? I'm not the greatest at inventing them, either. I was going to make a cat toy, but my "mouse" pattern calls for a cable and many decreases, for which I was too lazy when I was sitting on the living room floor, surrounded by cats and a bunny and some extra yarn. I didn't want to upset the delicate balance of the zoo by hunting for a cable needle, so I thought I'd just wing it.

I'm also not so good at flying.

I cast on 20 stitches, then just started knitting, thinking I'd make a small, beanbag-shaped square and stuff it with catnip. Well, halfway through CSI: NY, I realized that this beanbag would end up so large that it would take more than a cup of catnip to stuff it, so instead of making it full-size, I stopped and sewed it where it was, braiding the cast-off ends for added play value. Then I stopped again and actually looked at it, and I just left it where it was. I showed it to Darren last night, and he's the one that called it a cock sock - however, it's made from wool, and he's allergic to wool, so...darn.

And now, I'd just like to say that Geico should bring back the little gecko guy, because these commercials about idiots who aren't able to carry luggage, or spell, or work revolving doors, are completely unfunny and senseless.

And Rita Cosby needs to clear her throat.

That is all.