October 29, 2005

Working my way back to "gruntled"

I'm still ticked off from Thursday, when I was forced to work 5 hours of overtime for no reason. They want us to be reliable, and that's understandable, but when I'm willing - begging, practically - to not work overtime on my day off because the workload isn't big enough to keep the regularly scheduled people busy for a whole day, they blow me off for five hours. Even rounding the numbers down, that cost them more than $127.00. Just for me. Later this quarter, they'll pass around a survey that asks what they can do better, and I'll say they should fix the main applications because they're cheap and ugly, and they'll say they don't have the budget for it. Blah blah money, blah blah budget, blah blah business needs. Assbots. I want five hours of my weekend back. I'll take it Sunday morning, thanks.

Whew, that feels better.

Something that also totally made me feel better: Ma sent me a Halloween card (a cute one) saying that my early birthday present is on its way from KnitPicks. Yay! *heart*

I ran into Charlie Brown at the store yesterday. He's an old friend of the family. I'd just left the produce department and had a cart full of romaine, leaf lettuce, kale, carrots, and parsley. He was eyeing all the greens, so I said, "I'm getting bunny food today."
Charlie said, "Well, that's good. That'll keep you slim and healthy!"
And I said, "No, I actually have a bunny at home."
He thought that was hilarious.

Apparently, when someone asks how I'm doing, I'm way too young to say I'm just "hanging in there." Charlie gave me a look for saying that. Then I asked how he was doing, and he tilted his head and said, "I'm hanging in there."

On the needly bits: I haven't started anything new yet, but I have plans. I was reading about Wendy's mittens the other day, and she linked to a site that had kits for hats and headbands. I have yet to really do colorwork, so I just followed the link to see what they looked like. Then I saw that one of the hat patterns was named Kristen, so I had to order it. Seemed too much like fate, you know? It was a good price (less than $20 for all the yarn, the pattern, and cotton for the lining), so wish me luck.

All the yarn has arrived for the kitty pi beds I'll be making. I might get started on one of those today.

Last night I went to the Roger Bacon football game (my old high school) because my dad announces for the marching band. I took my two-step sock with me, and finished the short row heel. We left at the end of the third quarter, since Bacon was losing, and I had the grand idea to pick up the gimp car from my uncle's shop now that it's ready. Well, that was the dumbest idea I'd had in a long time. My uncle's shop shares a driveway with a different high school. We left our game before it ended, and got to the other high school right as it was ending. What the hell was I thinking? Dad dropped me off at the car and got out of there, which gave me time to knit a few rows while the car warmed up and the traffic thinned out.

Stupid football traffic.

I hate those Dr Scholl's commercials where everyone just stands around talking about how much they're gellin'. I don't think Magellan was gellin' that much, seeing as how he had all that exploring to do. He's known for circumnavigating the globe, not for being laid back and rhymey. You think he had padded shoe inserts? Freaks. Shut up.